Monday, September 13, 2010

A Useful List of Twitter Tools

Twitter’s immense popularity has resulted in many hundreds of tools and applications to help manage a person's tweets and accounts. Many are free or inexpensive and new ones seem to keep appearing every month.

Regardless of whether you are using Twitter for business or pleasure, there are a bewildering variety of tools that you can use to enhance your experience or help you to work more efficiently. Popular Twitter tools allow you to track the links you share, schedule tweets, welcome and manage new followers, follow and unfollow accounts and so on. Here is a list of popular and useful Twitter tools. It's far from complete, but it should help you to get started.

TweetBurner – Track the links you post on Twitter.

TwitterContd – Allows you to use more than 140 characters, upload photos and
shorten URLs.

Tweepler – Organize your followers.

Monitter – Monitor keywords on Twitter.

TwitterToolbar – Provides access to a variety of convenient tools.

TwitThis – Add this button to your website so visitors can easily tweet about your company.

Trendistic – View trending topics on Twitter.

CoTweet – Helps companies to reach customers, multiple accounts and users.

Twitter Gallery – Free Twitter backgrounds and themes.

twtQpon – Offer coupons to your followers.

Twitoria – Find followers that haven't posted recently.

Twiggit – Updates your Twitter stream with your latest Diggs.

BubbleTweet – Add a video welcome to your Twitter page.

TwitterHawk – Targeted marketing to find people tweeting about a specific topic and location.

TweetBeep – Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, and your company.

TwitPic – Share photos on Twitter.

Twitter Karma - Makes it easy to unfollow people who don't follow you back.