Monday, February 7, 2011

Will Your Next Television be Able to Tweet?

For work and entertainment, the desktop computer continues to be an integral part of our daily lives. But as we make our initial steps into the twenty first century, many household devices are getting transformed into lean, mean, multi-tasking machines.

In recent years technology manufacturers have begun to build HDTVs with Ethernet and Wi-Fi allowing your TV to connect to the Internet. This offers several types of multimedia functionality. Computer hardware manufacturers have been building high-resolution screens for several years but until recently they have been too expensive for the home and personal market. But over time, production costs decrease and large screen HDTVs are becoming more affordable for the home market.

We are no strangers to this process. Considering the number of gadgets we are exposed to daily, streamlining our tech-lives has become a useful marketing strategy for technology companies. Phones used to merely be phones, but now they have access to the Internet, have a camera built in and can be used to watch movies. The Internet has been a key factor in making this possible, continuing to push the boundaries of technology.

Online businesses are eager to take advantage of these new markets. National broadcasters offer streaming through televisions and popular websites such as Twitter and YouTube can now be accessed through a television. However, more and more services (such as online book marking and social networks) will undoubtedly be available soon. Imagine being able to save favorites online and access them all without turning on your computer. Personalization and customization continue to be key features of the Internet. Imagine being able to design, build and publish a personalized homepage and then access it by a button on your remote control called "personal homepage".

Whilst most people enjoy the combination of features into a multi-functional gadget, some people do not like them. Reasons range from wanting to "switch off and get away from being constantly connected" to wanting to "use the TV as a form of escapism".

Nevertheless, conventional computers still arguably offer the best Internet experience. But there is magic to be found when discovering new functionalities in traditional objects.


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